How to Choose Between .com vs .net vs .org vs. biz Domain Names

How to Choose Between .com vs .net vs .org vs. biz Domain Names

Professionals specializing in SEO services know that one of the most important elements for your website is its URL. It consists of three basic elements: the HTTPS protocol, your chosen URL name, and the domain name. In this article, we will discuss the importance of this last element. We will focus on the difference between com and net domains, what they mean, and the advantage of choosing one over another. 

We will also explore the difference between .com vs .org, as well as the restrictions for some more specific domain names. Why is this important? For one, the choice between .com vs .net vs. org vs biz website domain names determines what users will think your site to be about. Secondly, despite the fact that Google confirmed repeatedly that the domain name (.com vs .net or .com vs .org) has no impact on SEO, this element may influence the type of search queries your site will rank for.

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What Is .com Domain?

The .com domain name is the most popular top-level domain (TLD) for websites. It is the short version of “commerce”. Thus, in the early years of the Internet, it was used only by commercial websites. Now, it is the go-to choice for 48% of all the websites in the world. 

The .com TLD is also used in the popular phrase “dot com”, which defines the huge rise of online start-ups in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Before we compare .com vs .net, let us define the other very popular domain name.

What Is .net Domain?

What does net mean in a web address? This domain name is short for “network”. Initially, it was used for umbrella websites that led to smaller websites. At the present, it is a very popular choice for business websites that cannot use the .com domain because another company already uses it. It does not matter if it is located in a different country – the internet does not know geographical boundaries in terms of domain names. Once someone has the domain, you cannot claim it. So, if you ask: “Is .net a good domain?”, the answer is yes. 

What is the difference between .com and .net Domain Names

At the present, there are no differences between .com vs .net. and no advantage of using one or the other. They are both perceived as domain names for business websites. If you did not manage to secure a .com domain name and need to resort to .net, this will not have any negative impact on your SEO strategy. 

What Is .org Domain?

Now, we are moving to a new web domain, namely .org.  So, what is a .org website? It is short for “organization”, thus it is mainly used by nonprofit organizations such as NGOs, open source projects, charities, educational institutions, and platforms.

Until August 2019, the .org domain name was restricted to nonprofit organizations. However, since the domain name registry changed ownership, it can now be used by any kind of individual or legal entity for their websites. 

What to Know about .com vs .org Domain Names

Although you are legally allowed to use a .org domain on the web for your business, it may not be to your best advantage. The point is in what people believe the .org domain is used for. The difference between .com or .net and .org is that people still perceive the latter as belonging to charitable organizations. Thus, when they find a website with this domain name in Google searches for products, they may not even click on it. They may believe that you are asking for donations or collecting for underprivileged groups. Thus, you should rather focus on the best .com vs .net options available for your business name.

Other Domains in Use across the Internet

As the internet grew, so did the need to create specific domain names for specific fields of activity. The world wide web is now the first source of information for people, used for everything from renewing their car insurance, applying for a visa or buying a house. Thus, .com vs .net and .com vs .org are no longer sufficient choices. 

This is why we now have:

The .edu Domain

This domain name is used by educational institutions – schools, universities, and online learning platforms. At international level, they are also used by some government bodies in charge with education (ministries, government agencies, etc.). This type of domain name is restricted to entities involved in educational activities.

The .us Domain

Each country has its own country-code top-level domain (ccTLD). For the United States, it is .us. Businesses use the country specific domain if they have localized websites in several countries. The most common use is adding it after .com. For example, the French version of a website would have the address:

The .gov Domain

This is yet another restricted domain name, reserved for government bodies. Thus, we only mention it here for information purposes, not as a part of the comparison and difference between .com vs .net or .com vs org discussed above.

The .biz Domain

There is one more domain that any company can use for its website. Actually .biz is short for “business”. That may be an advantage for SEO compared to .com vs .net. However, during the early days of the internet, the .biz domain was used by scammers and phishing websites.

Times may have changed, but people still remember losing their hard-earned money to an online scheme. And, there are still .biz phishing websites that mimic legitimate businesses. Thus, you should use it with caution.

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