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SEO Rates

Basic Standard Advanced Professional
Keywords 10 keywords 20 keywords 40 keywords 80 keywords
Locations 1 Location 3 Locations 5 Locations 7 Locations
Guarantees Minimum of 5 in top-10 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 10 new keywords in top-10 and 10 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 20 new keywords in top-10 and 20 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 40 new keywords in top-10 and 40 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee
Linkbuilding 10 links every month 20 links every month 40 links every month 60 links every month
Website SEO Analysis checked checked checked checked
Local SEO checked checked checked checked
Analysis of Competitors checked checked checked checked
Monthly Reporting checked checked checked checked
SSL Certificate for secured data transfer checked checked checked checked
Improving website loading speed checked checked checked
Creating / Optimizing of Social Networks accounts checked checked checked
Development time for conversion improvement checked checked
Crowd-marketing checked

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Owning a business in today’s world requires a strong online presence and content development strategy if you want it to be successful. If you have a website, you are going to need it to stand out amongst the millions of websites online. The first thing to keep in mind is that there is a lot more to staying relevant than having a good product and a sleek, user-friendly website. The content of your website is the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO). Local SEO services can also be beneficial in several ways.

There are several things that your content should accomplish. The first is that it should engage the readers and show how your business stands apart from the others. Anecdotal claims of being the ‘best’ might have ‘cut-it’ a hundred years ago. These days, your content should grab and hold the attention of the readers and hold it long enough to show them why your business really is ‘the best’. Another important aspect is your ‘niche’. Content writing services should speak to your specific market and cater to their needs. Let your content show exactly what your brand is and what it stands for.

How Direct SEO Will Help You

Our team at Direct SEO will start by doing your extensive keyword research. Basically, our team will find the best keywords for you to use that relate to your products and generate traffic. Next, we will determine the best layout and design for your website that will keep your visitors’ attention and promote maximum interaction on your page. Direct SEO will also keep an eye on your competitors’ pages to ensure that your website will always have a ‘leg-up’ on your strongest competition.

Some Things to Avoid

Your content strategy for the web should include some things to avoid as well:

  • ‘Keyword-cramming’. Some content development companies will try to write ‘lame’ or unengaging content that merely has as many keywords integrated as possible. This is actually quite ineffective. 
  • Using a size ‘zero’ font size or white font on a white background to invisibly contain desired keywords. This is a shady tactic that leaves the reader confused. 
  • Misleading or unrelated texts and links should not be used. This is what’s called a ‘black-hat’ SEO technique and not only is it unethical, it is risky and ineffective.

What Does Direct SEO Offer?

The content strategy consulting offered by Direct SEO can include content writing services that will help your texts to generate more organic traffic to your page. Our writers at Direct SEO are passionate about the quality of the content that you need. We are experienced in a variety of niches and will match a writer to best fit yours.

How to Start?

The quality of your content is paramount in SEO. If you need someone local to handle your content development needs in Denver, CO, our team at Direct SEO is perfect for the job. Do not hesitate to hire us for your content development today.

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