SEO Promotion: Why it Matters & How to Ace It

Every company needs an SEO consultant to help them integrate search engine optimization into their existing online marketing campaign. You can trust Direct SEO for the best local SEO, Denver.

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8 seo steps

Direct Line Development consists of dedicated and experienced marketing consultants who will work with you to define your goals. Together, you’ll develop a starting foundation to build your SEO plan.

1 Day


2 Day

Market Analysis

3 Day

Keyword Research

4 Day

Website Audit

5 Day

Link Building

6 Day


7 Day

On-page SEO

8 Day

Reporting & Analytics

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Learning about:
  1. your business
  2. your target market
  3. your goals
  • Competitive analysis
  • NIche analysis
  • SERP analysis
  • Industry trend analysis
  • Finding your «money» queries
  • In-depth keyword planning
  • KD analysis
  • Keyword prioritization
  • Technical audit
  • Content audit
  • UX & UI audit
  • Backlink profile audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO friendly texts for company description
  • Starting link building campaign
  • Continual search of relevant resources
  • Design and SEO friendly texts for social media
  • SEO friendly texts for landing pages
  • Featured images set 
  • Blog articles
  • Topical research for additional content
  • URL optimization
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Schema mark up implementation
  • Keyword positions tracking
  • Website traffic tracking
  • Backlink profile tracking
  • Website performance check

SEO Rates

Basic Standard Advanced Professional
Keywords 10 keywords 20 keywords 40 keywords 80 keywords
Locations 1 Location 3 Locations 5 Locations 7 Locations
Guarantees Minimum of 5 in top-10 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 10 new keywords in top-10 and 10 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 20 new keywords in top-10 and 20 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee Minimum of 40 new keywords in top-10 and 40 in top-20 Ranking Guarantee
Linkbuilding 10 links every month 20 links every month 40 links every month 60 links every month
Website SEO Analysis checked checked checked checked
Local SEO checked checked checked checked
Analysis of Competitors checked checked checked checked
Monthly Reporting checked checked checked checked
SSL Certificate for secured data transfer checked checked checked checked
Improving website loading speed checked checked checked
Creating / Optimizing of Social Networks accounts checked checked checked
Development time for conversion improvement checked checked
Crowd-marketing checked

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In this day and age, with every business online, having an SEO consultant is more important than ever. SEO is the process of using keywords and links to increase the chances that your website will be one of the top results in a Google search. There are local SEO services in Denver, CO, like Direct SEO that can help any business take their online marketing strategy to the next level.

If you are a business that utilizes the internet in any way, you need to care about SEO. An SEO consultant can help your company or product rank higher on search results pages.  SEO and web marketing go hand in hand, but search engine optimization is even trickier.  Rather than clicking on an advertisement to go to your website, good SEO services bring customers to you from things they are already searching. SEO can save you time and money usually spent on advertising and even make you more money by bringing in new customers.

Supercharge Your SEO With Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to advertise your brand by providing people with information or entertainment. Blogs, social media posts, and YouTube videos connected to a specific company are examples of content marketing. The point is to draw people in with something that helps or entertains them and then hope they stick around as customers. SEO promotion makes this process work even better by showing potential customers exactly what they want to see.  If your content appears high in the search results on Google, you will get clicks without even having to seek out an audience for your content marketing.   

Integrate SEO Online Marketing with Your Existing Marketing Campaigns

No matter what your current digital marketing campaign entails, SEO can make it better. If you use pay-per-click ads alongside SEO, for example, there is a chance your site will have two links on the first page of the search results. This gives you double the change for clicks.  SEO and web marketing also work well together when it comes to social media. Putting links to your online content on your business’s social media accounts creates more links within your website, which helps SEO. This also works with email marketing. Even web design makes an impact on SEO. Search engines want to display the best websites early in their search results. If your site is nice to look at and easy to use, that is a signal to Google that it is high quality. Every part of your marketing campaign can be refined with SEO in mind.

Direct SEO Services from SEO Masterminds

If you are looking for local SEO Denver, try Direct SEO. We offer exceptional SEO services with proven results. Hiring a great SEO consultant is a guaranteed way to grow your business. Direct SEO offers rewards other marketing companies do not, like links demonstration. We also add your company to Yelp, Bing, Google Maps, and Apple Maps for free. All of our work is done through the best filters, so your information is safe. 

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